Chronological History
of the
American Brussels Griffon Association

  1945 American Brussels Griffon Association founded.
  1945-1954 Club President, Mrs. H.P. Donnel
  1948 First ABGA supported entry held at the Westchester Kennel Club. Entry 18
  1948-1990 ABGA shows held at the Westchester Kennel Club.
  1954-1989 Club President, Miss Iris de la Torre Bueno
  1958 AKC requests reformat of Brussels Griffon standard
  1959 Black Smooth disqualification and size revision added to standard
  1960 Reformatted standard approved by AKC.
  1971 Presentation to AKC for removal of black smooth disqualification.
  1978 AKC bans limited membership within member clubs.
  1982 ABGA elected to AKC membership.
  1983-1990 AKC Delegate, Mrs. Iris de la Torre Bueno
  1984 Quarterly magazine founded.
  1986 AKC requests reformat of all breed standards.
  1989 AKC breed video taken at Giralda Farms, N.J.
  1989-1992 Club President, Mrs. Edith Nash Hellerman
  1990 Black Smooth disqualification removed from standard.
  1990 Reformatted standard approved by AKC.
  1990-1998 AKC Delegate, Mr. W. Henry Odum III
  1991 Judges Education Committee formed. Mrs. Lorene Vickers-Smith, Chair
  1992 ABGA First Roving Specialty held with Louisville Kennel Club
  1993-2000 ABGA Specialty held with Louisville Kennel Club.
  1992-1996 Club President, Mrs. Dawn Vick Hansen.
  1995 50th Anniversary Show. Judge, Mrs. Dawn Vick Hansen
  1996 Veteran Sweepstakes added to Specialty.
  1996-2000 Club President, Mr. Terry Smith
  1996 ABGA Health Committee formed
  1998 ABGA Web page a reality
  1998-2000 AKC Delegate, Mrs. Jacque Jones
  2000 ABGA First Independent Specialty moves to Kansas City.
  2000 Illustrated Standard completed.
  2000-2002 Club President, Mrs. Bobbie Norkus
  2000-2007 AKC Delegate, Mr. James (Jimmy) Neposchlan
  2001 ABGA Independent Specialty moves back to Louisville.
  2002-2006 Club President, Mr. Jeffery M. Bazell
  2004 ABGA first Independent Specialty Executive Inn, Louisville, Ky
  2006-2012 Club President, Mr. Raul Peralta
  2007 Started AKC's Outstanding Sportsmanship Award participation
  2007 AKC's Outstanding Sportsmanship Award, Denise Brusseau-Ortmann
  2007-2013 AKC Delegate, Mr. Mark Grigalunas
  2008 AKC's Outstanding Sportsmanship Award, Katherine (Kay) Braukman
  2009 AKC's Outstanding Sportsmanship Award, Dawn (Vic) Hansen
  2010 AKC's Outstanding Sportsmanship Award, Cindy Muir
  2011 AKC's Outstanding Sportsmanship Award, Jacque Jones
  2012 AKC's Outstanding Sportsmanship Award, JoAnn Adamson
  2012- Club President, Mrs. Heather Stants
  2013 AKC's Outstanding Sportsmanship Award, Lisa Straub
  2014 AKC's Outstanding Sportsmanship Award, Dede Stevens
  2014- AKC Delegate, Mr. Raul Peralta